My Viking Journey

My Viking Journey is made even more enjoyable because Viking still values the importance of a written manual. Personally, I appreciate this aspect of their service. Just like the old days, they send you all the necessary cruise documentation through the mail. It’s a way to prove to yourself that you’re going on a cruise!

Viking continues to provide travelers with a check-in slip that contains all relevant information, along with basic luggage tags and a leather luggage tag. Upon arrival at the airport, they also provide two large stickers to attach to your shirt. However, I’m not a fan of this practice as it’s unnecessary and makes me look silly.


The documentation provided by Viking is excellent. They have recently released an exciting new custom brochure that includes information about flights, hotel stays (if applicable), transfer options (if available), itinerary details, onboard amenities, deck plans, and wheelchair-accessible shore excursions.

Viking’s Silver Spirits Beverage Package includes all beers, wines, premium wines, and spirits, and can be pre-booked through My Viking Journey.

Steps for Registering at

My Viking Journey is a website that allows you to plan and customize your trip if you have a Viking reservation number. Creating an account is a simple process that only requires you to enter your email address and reservation number. Here’s how you can become a member of

  1. Go to for further information.
  2. Once you have opened the website, there are two options available to you: “Create Account” and “Login.”
  3. Select “Join Now” under the “Create Account” section. Visitors to the website can fill out the registration form. You’ll be asked to provide details such as your reservation number, email address, job title, first and last name.
  4. To access My Viking Journey, you’ll need to verify your email address and then create and confirm a password. If you wish to receive news, special offers, and new flyers from Viking Cruises, please check the boxes labelled “I agree to the booking conditions” and “Email me.”
  5. Once you’ve completed the registration process, click “Create Account.”

My Viking Journey Login Guide

My Viking Journey Login is a useful feature for members of Viking Cruises to access additional services. To receive regular updates and book future vacations through My Viking Journey, you must log into your Viking My Journey account after signing up at


My Viking Journey Login is a straightforward process that involves the following steps:

  1. Visit the official company website at
  2. On the right-hand side of the screen, you’ll see a login section.
  3. Enter your username and password when prompted.
  4. Click on the blue “Log in” button at the bottom of the two-field form.
  5. In addition to a wide range of services, My Viking Journey provides periodic travel updates and allows you to book travel tickets, lodging, and meal reservations online.

My Viking Journey Update Access Conditions

To register for My Viking Journey, you need to meet the following criteria:

  • A stable web browser
  • A reliable internet connection
  • Access to tablets, smartphones, laptops, or computers
  • A username and password
  • Access to the My Viking Journey website (

My Viking Journey Password Changing Steps

Reset password

In order to ensure the safety of your account on, it’s important to use a password to access it. However, some users may forget their password during the login process, making it impossible to access My Viking Journey in the future. The following are the steps to reset your login password:

  1. Visit the My Viking Journey webpage at
  2. Navigate to the My Viking Journey login page.
  3. Select “Reset Password” from the menu.
  4. Enter the email address associated with your Viking Cruises My Journey account when prompted to reset your password.
  5. You will receive an email with a link to reset your password.
  6. To create a new password and complete the password reset process, follow the secure URL provided in the email.

My Viking Journey Login Username changing steps

Your My Viking Journey username is the email address you use to log in. However, there may be times when you forget your username while accessing the My Viking Journey Update on the company’s website. Resetting your username is a simple process, as outlined below:

  1. Visit
  2. Log in to the website.
  3. On the My Viking Journey login page, click on the “Forgot your email?” option.
  4. Provide your first name, last name, reservation number, and departure date in the appropriate fields.
  5. Click “Next” after entering your information.
  6. The My Viking Journey login page will remind you of your username if you have forgotten it.

My Viking Journey Cruises Benefits

Upon completing a Viking River Cruise, you automatically become a member of the Explorer Society, which provides exclusive perks and discounts not available to the general public. By visiting My Journey, members of this shipping company’s club can enjoy several benefits, including:

  1. Reduced-cost cruises: If you’ve previously sailed with Viking, you’ll receive credits for future travel with the shipping line, including all Viking Ocean crossings. The amount of credits you earn depends on how much time has passed since your last trip and when you make your next reservation.
  2. Invitations to exclusive events: Members of the Viking Explorer Society can enjoy a complimentary cocktail on their next cruise, giving them the opportunity to mingle with other guests.
  3. Early access to new tours: All members receive updates on new ships and itineraries, as well as priority access to destinations and departure dates, ensuring that they don’t miss out on any limited-time deals.
  4. Responsibility to stay informed: With great privileges come great responsibilities, and members must stay up-to-date with new Viking Cruises itineraries and ships to select the finest destinations and departure dates. Members may also receive notifications through email or mail about limited-time special offers.
  5. Rewards for referrals: Members can earn referral bonuses by recommending Viking cruises to others. For every new travel companion recommended, members receive a $100 credit toward their next trip; for every pair recommended, members receive $200.

If a member refers their 13th friend, they receive a free cruise for the year. Additionally, each individual recommended saving $100 per person on their first vacation. To use your credit, you must make a reservation within 12 months of when it was issued.

My Viking Journey Highlights

My Viking Journey is a secure portal that is exclusively accessible to Viking passengers. However, customers have suggested that Viking consider expanding the platform to offer more features. Some of the proposed features include:

  • Allowing passengers to view their past cruises in a read-only mode. Once the cruise has begun, the booking features and transaction site can be turned off, and the information will be retained for passengers’ records.
  • Posting the Viking Daily to My Viking Journey so that travellers can submit photos, keep a journal, and rate their experiences at each stop along the way. Passengers should also be able to keep a copy of their daily journal and send it to Viking for review.
  • Adding checkboxes for passengers to share their comments, reviews, and photos of their excursions with Viking, other My Viking Journey members, and the general public.
  • Creating forums for each Viking voyage to help new Viking cruise clients get assistance and suggestions from previous passengers.

Currently, My Viking Journey is primarily used for:

  • Updating traveller information
  • Accessing information about flights
  • Learning about ship amenities and dining options
  • And, making payments and checking bank accounts

My Viking Journey Customer Service for Updates

If you need customer support for My Viking Journey, you have several options. You can contact us by phone, email, or live chat. To access customer support, simply log in to and request assistance with updates, reservations, travel agency contacts, and incentives.

To make updates, file complaints, or make reservations, call our toll-free number at 1-855-338-4546 or 1-866-984-5464 between 5:00 am and 7:00 pm on weekdays (Monday through Saturday) and 05:00 am to 7:00 pm on weekends (Sunday).

If you prefer to contact us by email or live chat, simply send your message to:

My Viking Journey Mobile App


At Viking, our aim is to provide our customers with exceptional cruises and digital experiences that allow them to explore the world’s cultures in new and exciting ways. Our mobile app, Viking Voyager, is just one of the many apps available for My Viking Journey users.

If you own a smartphone, download the Viking Voyager app from Google Play Store. This app enhances the onboard experience of our customers who are taking active ocean, river, and expedition journeys with us.

Whether you’re on a sea, river, or excursion tour, this app can be of great help. With the Viking Voyager app, you can:

  • Review the day’s events
  • Plan your daily activities
  • Access information about your ship’s itinerary and ports of call
  • Download a guide to Viking art
  • Explore hundreds of artworks and public spaces on your ocean-going Viking ship
  • Stay up-to-date on maritime events by reading the Viking daily.

About My Viking Journey

Viking Travel was established in 1997 with the objective of providing culturally immersive and meaningful travel experiences. To achieve its goals, the company aimed to expand its fleet, leverage its 40 years of river cruise expertise, and acquire significant piers in major European cities. In 2000, the company acquired KD River Cruises to accomplish these objectives.

The origins of the Vikings remain shrouded in mystery, and there are several theories about their origins. In Old Norse, the term “Viking” referred primarily to pirates or invaders and was derived from a word that was widely used throughout the Viking period. Since its inception, Viking has become a leading provider of river, sea, and expedition travel to all seven continents.

In the year 2000, Viking expanded its operations to the United States by opening a sales and marketing office in Los Angeles. Each itinerary includes a shore excursion in each port and an enrichment program that provides in-depth immersion in the region through musical and artistic performances, cooking demonstrations, educational port talks, and carefully selected lectures.


  1.  Are children allowed on Viking journeys?

No, passengers under the age of 18 are not allowed on board as we do not provide facilities or services for them.

  1. Is there any luggage restriction for My Viking Journey?

Every airline service has its luggage restriction policies. For our cruise journeys, we share information beforehand so that you can make arrangements. You will have ample time to plan your voyage with us.

  1. Can I use my credit card to make purchases while on vacation?

You can settle your onboard account using Mastercard, Visa, or American Express on a cruise ship, in a major hotel, or at a restaurant. However, credit card payments may not be accepted in remote locations or small establishments. To avoid your account getting frozen, inform your credit card company that you will be travelling. Magnetic stripe credit cards may not work as chip and pin cards are required at foreign ATMs. Please contact your credit card company for further information.

  1. Will I need a visa for My Viking Journey cruises?

Considering the destinations on the itinerary and the contemporary conditions of mandated by the countries, a visa needs to e arranged. Feel free to contact us for the latest visa requirements.

  1. What about transportation?

Free transfers are included in all our renewal packages and Viking Air purchases. Additional tickets are not required for intra-route flights.

  1. Can I bring my alcoholic beverages on board?

Guests can bring their alcoholic beverages on board or purchase them onshore or from the ship’s store. Alcoholic beverages can be consumed in the guest’s stateroom and other public areas, including restaurants, without an additional charge for corkage.


My Viking Journey is a world-renowned small-ship cruise company that offers travelers the opportunity to explore the heart of their destinations. The Viking Portal, which is the easiest and most efficient tool we’ve ever used, allows us to compare apples to apples and oranges to oranges without compromising on quality.

From shore excursions to dining options and ship information, offers a wealth of resources for passengers. Passengers can make reservations for shore excursions, catch up on the latest news, and browse through images before their departure. With My Viking Journey, we can track our progress, earn rewards, and even plan our trips in advance.