Mobile Application

Access to My Viking Journey is exclusive to customers who have booked a cruise with Viking. If you possess a Viking reservation number, you can always create an account to tailor and oversee your upcoming trip. Viking travel aims to offer more than just a means of transportation, by promoting cultural awareness and a sense of opulence.

My Viking Journey allows you to monitor your daily itinerary, including flights and utilized services. You can enhance your travel experience with the Viking Travel Protection Plan and Silver Spirits Beverage Package, and make online payments effortlessly. You can also obtain visa applications, vacation plans, and shore excursion reservations, and find answers to all your questions.

My Viking Journey App for Smartphones


My Viking Journey offers a first-class voyage and a plethora of digital content that educates and entertains you about diverse cultures and places across the globe. The Viking Voyager app is now available for download on all active sea, river, and excursion cruises.

The Viking Voyager app can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store by any smartphone user. Installing the app will enhance the My Viking Journey experience for the user, whether travelling by sea, river, or excursion. Viking Journey strives to provide clients with an enjoyable travel experience through the use of the app.

With the app, you can view:

  1. Your daily itinerary on your personal calendar
  2. Stay updated on the activities on board the Viking ship with Viking Daily.
  3. This section of the app covers weather, sports, and other events.

You can also plan:

  1. Your daily activities
  2. Make spa and dining reservations on our Ocean and Expedition ships
  3. Answer a daily health questionnaire
  4. You will email notifications of the reservations made promptly

Furthermore, the app lets you explore your ship and its destinations through deck plans, graphical representation and descriptions of ports.


My Viking Journey App has been designed to offer you the highest convenience when you avail of their services. Use the features exceptionally to make your vacation days better and enjoy the fullest.


  1. Does My Viking Journey has an application?

Yes. My Viking Journey has an application designed for customers. It supports Android and iOS operating systems of the latest mobile phones commonly used. The application can be downloaded from the respective app stores.

  1. How can I use the My Viking Journey App for the itinerary?

The information related to your itinerary as per the services chosen will be displayed on your account. Your account will be created and displayed on this mobile app.

  1. How can I download the My Viking Journey App?

Simply visit the app store of your phone and search for My Viking App. Make sure you have chosen the right application. The compatible version of this application will be downloaded and installed automatically on your smartphone. You can then register and use it for your cruise convenience.